About Tamaki Property Management

Tamaki Property Management, a division of Ray White Orakei, is part of the Megan Jaffe Real Estate brand and owned and operated by Mike Zelcer & Jacquie Zelcer who share more than 20 years experience in the Real Estate Industry.

Our property management services have been designed to cater to clients who require superior management of their investment property. Because your investment is our commitment, we will ensure the best service is provided to both landlords and tenants, to ensure your asset is looked after as it should be. By service we mean being responsive to your needs, proactive, organised and making the entire experience as easy as possible.

We have invested in the full complement of Ray White property management systems to ensure that everything is recorded and so we can be alerted to and tackle any issues immediately. This means on time thorough property inspections and on time rent payments.

You can expect personal services as WE will be the ones who look after your investment so our approach to our landlords is personal and comes with a long term commitment to you.

We are passionate about raising the standards of service that landlords receive and are confident you will notice the difference.