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Bahram Ahmadiبهرام احمدی

Licensee Salesperson

Bahram prides himself in providing excellent real estate service. With his charming personality and communication skills, Bahram has the ability to engage in deep conversations and create meaningful relationship with all clients and stakeholders.

Putting client’s needs first, Bahram delivers real estate with high professionalism and unparalleled determination to achieve best outcome.

Bahram brings his unmatched energy and fortitude to each one of his clients. With his wealth of knowledge in marketing he ensures that your property receives the care and attention it needs to stand out in the market. Bahram is a goal orientated individual, who isn’t afraid to be bold and brave no matter the challenge to ensure the goal is achieved.

Prior to real-estate Bahram worked in healthcare and completed his Master’s degree in exercise physiology. This has given him key research skills which allows him to consistently observe and analyse market trends and conditions. As a result, his clients can be assured that they will receive the most up to date and accurate market information required.

“I believe just like in healthcare, a holistic, compassionate and fearless approach in real-estate is the key to ensure client’s needs and goals are identified and accomplished. Through my black belt in taekwondo, I have mastered the art of discipline and perseverance. This combined with my hard work and determination, will ensure that all my clients are cared for in their real estate journey and their goals are met.”