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Alayna is a natural - communicator, negotiator and planner - so it's a natural fit for her to join the team at Megan Jaffe Real Estate Ltd, Ray White Remuera. Add to these innate qualities an extensive personal background in buying, building, renovating and selling, plus a large business experience in sales and operations management and you have a foundation of strength and performance, and an advanced set of skills that you definitely want access to on your property journey.

As a Parnell resident and a very involved mum of 2 at the local school, Alayna is a community advocate and enjoys using her easy-going nature and large networking capacity to enrich the experience of the locals, particularly when it comes to their homes. 

Personable, approachable, and with a strong appreciation of quality and delivering a high level of service through every interaction, you are in a capable and safe pair of hands - whether buying or selling with Alayna.